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Miwa Otsuka

KBC Global Partners Leader:

Empowering Transformational Change for

Organizational Success

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Miwa Otsuka is an expert of organization culture change and leadership. She specializes in the dynamics of interpersonal relationships as well as intrapersonal relationships in shaping an individual's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors so that groups can be more effective, reach their goals sooner. She helps individuals make implicit explicit by raising self-awareness through exploring the unconscious and subconscious inner world by deep conversations and narrative approach so that they can go through change and transformation smoothly as they targeted. 


Miwa has devoted nearly 20 years to leadership development for the Japanese government such as the Ministry of foreign affairs and Japan Maritime Defence Force as well as leading organizations such as Mitsui Corporation, NEC, TEPCO and other companies in various fields.  She has also provided consulting to Fintech startups in Singapore as a Data and Linguist specialist. She has given executive coaching to individual professionals and brought her clients change and transformation. Most recently, she has set up a community for working mothers in Japan and provides life coaching, which is her ikigai( mission), to maintain their balance between career and their personal life so that they can have well-being socially, financially, and personally. She hopes the ring of well-being becomes bigger like ripples. 


Miwa holds a Masters degree in Coaching and Consulting for Change from INSEAD, France and Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Applied Linguistics from Teachers College, Columbia University in NYC, US. She used to teach ESL to immigrants and expats in New York City in her early career. She relocated to Singapore in 2014 with her husband and three children. She loves traveling, meeting local people, visiting markets, and eating local food. 

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