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Donald Farmer

KBC Global Partners Leader:

transforms fear into positive excitement about the future!

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Donald Farmer is a seasoned data and analytics strategist, with over 30 years of experience designing data and analytics products. He has led teams at Microsoft and Qlik Technologies and is now the Principal of TreeHive Strategy, where he advises software vendors, enterprises, and investors on data and advanced analytics strategy. In addition to his work at TreeHive, Donald serves as VP of Innovation and Research at Nobody Studios, a crowd-infused venture studio.


Donald has a passion for innovation and has worked on some of the leading data technologies in the market, as well as in award-winning startups. He has a diverse background, having worked in fish farming, archaeology, and forestry, but data has always been at the heart of his work.


Donald is an independent advisor to clients globally, specializing in innovation, productization, and analytics strategy. He advises clients ranging from the world's largest software vendors to small startups and investors in both public and private markets. Donald is a prolific writer and teacher, and he speaks to audiences worldwide on the subjects of data analysis and innovation.


Donald and his wife Alison, an artist, live in an experimental woodland home near Seattle. They are also known for appearing on Animal Planet TV, in an episode of Treehouse Masters, where the show's experts built one of the world's most beautiful treehouses in their wild garden in the hills outside Seattle.

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