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Content Shaper (Gig)

Remote / Singapore

Job Type


About the Role

Reviews presentation for design, fit & finish, flow, grammar, additional interactive elements.  Will also take portions of the presentation and make them ready for social media. A keen eye for design and human interaction is critical. Knowledge of social media formatting is a must. 

Social Media Posts: pre, during and post events



  1. Able to work from anywhere and is responsive.

  2. Attention to detail and design. Flexible to move between business style and futurist style.

  3. Able to link recent trends in style and design to the projects at hand.

  4. Can work fast, willing to learn AI i.e. chatGPT, midjourney to work even faster!

About the Company

About KBC Global Partners:

KBC Global Partners is a leading provider of executive education, offering custom curriculum development for universities, governments, and businesses. We specialize in leadership courses, data-driven decision-making, and emerging technologies. Our mission is to empower the next generation of leaders and transform organizations by fostering innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning.

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